Born and raised in Michigan, Chloe Keene was introduced to the art of silversmithing through a small, community art center jewelry class in 2016, and hasn't stopped creating jewelry since.

Every piece of jewelry is thought up, drawn, designed and carefully crafted by Chloe in her home studio. Chloe was initially introduced to turquoise jewelry at a young age by her mother, who has an extensive collection of vintage Native American jewelry; she credits her mother as one of her greatest influences in pursuing jewelry making. 

Chloe finds most of her inspiration from the natural materials used in her work. Materials sourced directly from the earth and refined into glittering adornments, While focusing on modern & minimal designs, Chloe attempts to convey the cosmic energies of the universe while highlighting the stunning beauty of american-mined turquoise and sterling silver. 


All materials used in Chloe's work are recycled, sustainably sourced, and/or made in the USA

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